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Governments the world over are faced with balancing finances. Central government wish to develop infrastructure whilst local government have to be more austere. Difficult economic conditions are seeing governments work smarter and technology is allowing them to do this - smarter public services, smarter education and smarter military. A smarter work force demands a smarter city, so governments are investing in the Internet of Things, drones, driverless transportation, blockchain and 5G networks with many of these advancements benefitting other areas too. Investing in digital transformation, using Big Data and the Cloud, government infrastructure and services are working smarter and mobilising workers to act more effectively and more precisely. RFID is being used to augment previous barcode-only applications and previously wired solutions are becoming wireless. Security is now a key consideration in any application. BIXOLON is a leading company in the government printing market providing products and solutions that incorporate a variety of technologies to meet the changing trends of the government industry.


Postal organisation are looking to be "greener". As the circular economy grows, so does the need to provide more sustainable printing solutions. BIXOLON's energy saving and smart battery printers offer the option of a more environmentally-friendly linerless labelling solution that can improve your postal printing needs and save you money.

  • Receiving / Shipping
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Point of Sales
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Public Safety/Utilities

As workforces are mobilised BIXOLON's dedicated Mobile printers and fixed printers supporting standalone operation are well placed to serve their needs. Ergonomic and lightweight with the ability to connect wired or wirelessly, the operating environment can be internal or external depending on your receipt, label or ticket printing needs.

  • e-Citation
  • Parking Management
  • Document & Records Management
  • Asset & Facility Management
  • Meter Reading
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National and Regional Administration

Like so many markets, Governments are seeing a more mobile, data led workforce with collaborative efforts to fulfil their service requirements, so BIXOLON's portfolio is ideally placed to meet their breadth of marking needs. Mobile and fixed printers that are fully featured as standard, but providing a series of configurable options and accessories to offer an efficient, secure print solutions.

  • Asset & Facility Management
  • Document & Records Management
  • e-Voting
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BIXOLON's personal identification solutions, including wristband printing, means staff, students and visitors can be safely managed in the schools and colleges. Equipment can also be managed with secure labels and RFID print-encoding. Mobile and fixed printers offer secure wireless; WLAN and Bluetooth, to ensure a safe infrastructure for your labelling processes.

  • Asset & Facility Management
  • Document & Records Management
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Case Study

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