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From travel & tourism to bars and hotels, the food and hospitality industry is continually evolving. This multi-billion dollar global industry relies heavily on documenting its direct operations whether it’s a bar or restaurant linking its front of house and back-end operations, takeaways taking online orders, hospitality food labelling or a tour operators issuing tickets. Food and hospitality printing has always been an essential factor in the industry’s success. However, as the consumer becomes more central to all operations with a greater pressure to provide the ultimate customer experience through the use of different mediums of technology. Companies are quickly moving away from traditional forms of receipting, ticketing and labelling by investing in sophisticated printing hardware solutions. BIXOLON is a leading company in the hospitality printing market providing products and solutions that incorporate a variety of technologies to meet the changing trends of the food and hospitality industry.

Restaurant Solutions

The Food and Hospitality industry is expanding worldwide due to the ever increasing variety of foods and drinks available paired in global economic and the increase in demand to eat out for leisure. From food management labelling to order ticketing and receipting, the demand for printed media are becoming essential in the smooth running the industry.

  • Point of Sales
  • Table Order
  • mPOS
  • Food Safety Labelling
  • Kitchen Order Management
  • Customer Self Service
  • Online Ordering
  • Proof of Delivery
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Food Production

Increasing number of food manufacturers are quickly shifting towards barcode and RFID technologies to efficiently manage food ingredients and produce pre-packed, processed food product. User-friendly BIXOLON desktop, mobile label printers enable accurate food inventory control, and make food safety management easier and more efficient with less headcount. eCommerce businesses delivering fresh groceries can also enable affective management of order picking, shipping and distribution process with BIXOLON's AutoID solutions.

  • Production Optimisation
  • Food Labelling
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Hotel and Lodging

As world travel is becoming more accessible, more people than ever are choosing to explore, whether it be for business or leisure creating a global surge in activity. With companies focusing on improving the customer experience. Technology, especially social media has become a driving force for hotels to engage customers, becoming more involved in the destination and self-promotion to enhance their products and services such as mobile check in, digital concierge service, gourmet dining at reasonable prices and provide multitude of languages for international guests. Tiering of accommodation has also driven technology, from budget to luxury companies are introducing different levels of technology to satisfy differing levels of customer requirements.

  • Concierge Service
  • Facilities Management
  • mPOS
  • Self Service & Kiosk
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Stadiums & Amusement Parks

The sports, entertainment and leisure industry has grown as an affordable pastime across all demographics of society worldwide. To maintain this growth, vendors are competing to develop and promote their services/products from either onsite at a venue level to online ticket purchasing or event promotion.

  • Point of Sales
  • Ticketing
  • mPOS
  • Self Service & Kiosk
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Label Printers for Food Prep Labelling

Take the guesswork out of handwritten, illegible food labels. Food labels provide critical information about food items at a variety of stages in the supply chain; when it arrives, is being prepped, and in front of the consumer. Food service operators that integrate an automated labelling system into their workflow gain an assortment of benefits to keep business efficiently running and customers s...


Recent Developments in Food Allergen Management Labelling

As food allergy management continues to be a global hot topic, government food standards agencies across the world are putting pressure on hospitality companies to update their labelling of their pre-packaged for direct sale (also known as PPDS) foods to protect consumers health when purchasing food products. The updated labelling requirements include documenting the product’s name, a full list ...


Changing Times: The Advancements of Online Food and Beverage Ordering in a Covid Era

By the end of 2019, the food and beverage industry was valued at $5943.8 billion worldwide* however, due to the 2020 worldwide Covid-19 pandemic the industry has become one of the most hard-hit sectors. Plummeting sales due to forced closures followed by lack of customer confidence to return to their establishments since lockdown easing has forced restaurants, cafes, pubs and any business that ser...


Food Safety Labelling Solution with the XQ-840 Tablet Embedded Desktop Printer

There is a growing customer demand for a more efficient way to manage food safety labelling. Business owners are minimizing the amount of product that goes out of date and maximizing the use of their product. Product labelling should offer clear advice, but food safety labelling can add additional guidance that increases safety, improves procedures and a reduced impact on unnecessary waste therefo...


Hospitality Printing Solutions From BIXOLON

In recent years, thanks to its leading role in the global Tourism market, Hospitality has become one of the key drivers of the European economy, making it one of the largest socio-economic activity in the EU. From bars and hotels to travel and recreation, the industry is constantly evolving. With the pressure of centralised customer experiences, the requirement for printing technology is excelling...