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Radio frequency identification (RFID) labels, also known as smart labels, have a microchip and antenna tag embedded into an adhesive label and feature a barcode. Unlike barcode labels that need a direct line of sight to be read, RFID uses wireless technology. Boost your business efficiency with BIXOLON’s range of RFID label printers. Offering LCD displays with intuitive menus, simple calibration functions to read RFID label and tag locations alongside UHF RFID printing and encoding capabilities. Establish optimal business solution by adopting RFID labelling for a range of applications in retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and more.


RFID labelling offers warehouses of all sizes several advantages for warehouse management over standard barcodes including inventory control, reduction in errors and streamlined data capture. BIXOLON’s mobile RFID solutions further improve warehouse workflows by eliminating the wasteful walk between items needing a label and the printing workstation.

  • Receiving / Shipping
  • Inventory & Material Management
  • Quality Assurance
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BIXOLON's RFID label printers provide fast and reliable performance when printing and encoding RFID tags in healthcare or pharmaceutical environments. RFID labels help to ensure medical personnel are provided with accurate information they need to make life-changing decisions. Medical supplies and equipment can be ordered, sorted and tracked via RFID labels to better manage healthcare facilities operations.

  • Patient Safety
  • Inventory Control
  • Quality Care
  • Medical Delivery
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RFID labels can be applied to library materials and programmed with identification and security information. Compared to a barcode, the labels can be read remotely (such as a circulation desk or staff station) to identify items or to detect the status on materials. With the use of RFID readers, library staff can read multiple items at the same time, whether it’s through a cover or at staff stations speeding up the amount of time to find, process, and inventory items throughout the library.

  • Book Identification
  • Shelf Management
  • Security
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BIXOLON provides RFID labelling solutions for businesses to ensure compliance with strict industry regulations for cannabis. With BIXOLON’s RFID printing solutions, cannabis businesses can improve inventory management, traceability, and quality control of every single plant from seed to sale.

  • Inventory Management
  • Track and Trace
  • Quiality Control
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RFID Labelling for Healthcare Delivery

RFID labels empower healthcare professionals with critical details to ensure precise and timely information to make life-changing decisions. Labels are an important communicator at the patient level to provide information such as drug name, dosage, expiration date and more. However, labels also play an important role throughout the supply chain to ensure the safe arrival of healthcare shipments....


The Role of RFID Labelling in the Retail Shopping Experience

In the ever-changing world of retail, staying ahead of the curve to meet consumer demands is essential to remaining competitive. With many new technologies on the market today, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) labelling has emerged as a game-changer transforming the way retailers manage their inventory, streamline business operations, and even enhancing their customer experiences. In this b...


RFID Labelling for the Warehouse Industry

Warehouses are increasingly using radio frequency identification (RFID) to complement or replace traditional barcode-drive processes. RFID tags and labels are applied to items and programmed with identification information. Compared to a barcode, the labels can be scanned and located remotely without having to immediately see the item or its label. RFID technology provides warehouses with an innova...


Trending Printing Factors of Change within the Postal and Courier Industry

Trending Printing Factors of Change within the Postal and Courier Industry Over the past three years the global postal and courier industry has witness accelerated transformation rolling out technology across its entire business model. From transportation to customer interaction, the industry has revolutionised how parcels and letters are being sent, giving customers more choice on how and when se...


3 Benefits of RFID Labelling for the Cannabis Industry

3 Benefits of RFID Labelling for the Cannabis IndustryCannabis must be tracked and managed from seed to sale. Throughout the whole process cannabis growers and dispensaries can benefit from incorporating radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into their business operations. With RFID tags, cannabis growers can track plants across the seed cycle as well as provide documentation of daily o...