SAP® Device Driver

As general barcode label printers do not recognize the proprietary SAP data formats, IT managers are required to translate the data into each printer’s command through additional software or middleware, which entails complexity with risk for errors while increasing Total Cost of Ownership.

In recognition of the needs for the optimized solution helping users in the SAP based environments simplify operation and achieve a higher level of productivity, BIXOLON offers the SAP Device Driver to make a direct printing option available.

BIXOLON is a Silver-Level Member of the SAP Printer Vendor Program.


  • Direct Connectivity

    • Saving time for unnecessary software work or managing middlewares
    • Helping businesses in SAP solution-based environments focus on what matters more and achieve increased productivity

  • Seamless Integration

    • Allowing SAP users access to data in the SAP system to create barcode and format of labels
    • Eliminating the risk for errors

  • Compatible Device Types

    • Industrial Label Printers: XT5-40
    • Desktop Label Printers: XL5-40, XD5-40 Series, SLP-TX400, SLP-DX420, SLP-DL410
    • Mobile Label Printers: SPP-L410/L310/L3000

SAP® Device Driver

BIXOLON Device Driver Enabling Direct Label Printing from SAP

Once device types are registered in the server, all users can simply output the labels created with texts, barcodes, and graphics in the Smart Form using the SAP data to the BIXOLON label printers anywhere.

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