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Store Management

Point of Sales

  • Stable POS systems with the best BIXOLON POS printers
  • High durability of printer parts
  • Support for a wide range of interfaces
  • Printable discount coupons upon the receipt
  • Propose a printer that fits the size and characteristics of the store
  • Compatibility with all major operating systems
  • Expand the retail market with cloud printing supports
  • High payment compatibility

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  • Reduce customer payment waiting time (Queue busting)
  • Minimize of customer deviation due to waiting times
  • Efficient store management
  • Increase in sales volumes
  • Enhance customer’s satisfaction and brand loyalty

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Self Service & Kiosk

  • Reduces cashier labour cost
  • Enables customer service representatives to specialize
  • Easy to find and use for customer
  • Accessible at any time

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  • SRP-Q200

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  • SRP-QE300

    The SRP-QE300 is a Economic 3-inch (80 mm) thermal receipt printer, Designed for compact size required industry due to i...

Online Order

  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Enhance customer’s satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Efficient store management
  • Support online ordering through B-gate
  • Minimize missing orders with voice messages built into the printer

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  • SRP-S300Hi/S320Hi


    The SRP-S300Hi/S320Hi is mPOS hub interface allowing the Linerless printer to print directly from your chosen tablet or ...

Click and Collect

  • Receipt of collection production and returned goods labelling
  • Easy-to-use printers to suit all staff skill levels
  • Space saving printers to aid integration into existing store design
  • mobile and fixed printer eco-conscious labelling solutions
  • limiting waste, health & safety and productivity gains
  • Click & Collect pick-up and drop-off adds convenience
  • Improves overall customer experience
  • collect or drop-off to suit the customer's schedule
  • allow customers to label on-site, so they avoid complexities and cost of home labelling

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  • SRP-S300

    The SRP-S300 is BIXOLON’s high performance, economical 3-inch (80mm) thermal linerless and receipt printer. Providing ...

  • XD3-40d

    Following in the footsteps of the industry recognised SRP-E770 series, the entry-level XD3-40d is a new Direct Thermal 4...

Price Labelling

  • Convey valuable information to customer in a clear and concise manner
  • Price tag removes shopper confusion
  • Easy to change the price using the same layout than handwriting a price plate
  • Discount labelling on product closed to expiration date
  • Enhance brand value by using pre-printing branding on the price tag

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    The XM7-30 is a premium 3-inch (80 mm) mobile label printer, supporting highly reliable connectivity and print quality. ...

Weigh Labelling

  • Saving labour cost for checking weight and label printing
  • Printing concise product information and price
  • Minimized damage on label from liquid and humidity
  • Allergic reaction documentation

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  • XL5-40

    The extremely reliable XL5-40 offers non-comparable linerless labelling performance along with versatile anti-jamming fea...

  • XQ-840

    Printer Discontinuation Date:  May, 2024
    Service & Support Discontinuation Date:  May, 2029

Inventory Management

  • First-in, First-out management
  • Add product information onto barcodes
  • Identify the movement of a product through RFID
  • Discount labelling on product closed to expiration date
  • Optimal inventory management
  • Minimized overstock

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