BK3 Series

The compact, flexible and highly reliable BK3 Series is comprised of 2-inch (up to 60 mm) and 3-inch (up to 80 mm) open frame kiosk printing mechanisms. Ideal for standalone self-service kiosk installations in Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and more. The BK3 Series is a direct thermal printer which operates at speeds up to 250 mm with 203 dpi resolutions. Packed with a range of design and value-added paper saving features, the BK3 Series supports a range of mounting options to provide design flexibility for any kiosk builders.
Supported with a range of drivers and utilities, the BK3 Series comes with a 2 year warranty as standard.


  • Powerful Printing Performance

    • Fast speed up to 250 mm per second at 203dpi
    • Long term reliable operation in a wide range of tempereture
    • Supporting selectable media widths : 83 / 80 / 60 / 58 / 20 mm
    • A variety of drivers and SDKs for major operating systems including Android, Windows, and Linux
    • Reducing paper usage up to 25% resulting in
    • less waste and lower CO2 emission

  • User-Centered Design

    • Aplicable to hold media diameter of 80 / 102 / 120 mm
    • The compact and lightweight design to fit perfectly into constricted spaces
    • Power switch and reset button are available on both sides of the printer for easy rebooting
    • Multi-position near end sensor for efficiently monitoring status of paper

  • High Flexibility

    • Standard Interface: USB (V2.0 Full Speed) + Serial
    • ptional Interface: USB (V2.0 Full Speed) + Serial + Ethernet (BK3-31 only)
    • Power: DC-Jack or 2P Connector
    • Serial: 9P Male or 5P Connector
    • Diverse types of bezel option can be tailored upon user's needs


2-inch Kiosk Printer

Producing tickets, receipts and coupons with minimal IT attention, the BK3-21 2-inch (up to 60mm) open frame kiosk printer provides reliable unattended printing solution in hot or cold environment.

#Vertical #250mm/sec


3-inch Kiosk Printer

Compact, flexible 3-inch (up to 80mm) open frame kiosk printing mechanism. Loaded with a range of design and value-added features, the BK3-31 supports a range of mounting options to provide flexibility for kiosk installations

#Vertical #250mm/sec