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Durable and Premium
4 inch Thermal Transfer
Desktop Label Printer

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  • Highlights
    The SLP-TX400 is BIXOLON’s NEW direct thermal/thermal transfer label printer for 4 inch wide printing. This high-quality label printer features fast print speed up to 178mm/sec(7ips) and high compatibility based on perfect emulation support. The SLP-TX400 label printer has Smart Media Detection function which automatically recognizes various types of labels when loading labels.

    ∙ Label printer
    ∙ Barcode printer
    ∙ WiFi printer
    ∙ AIDC printer
  • Features
    Powerful Printing Performance
    • Paper feeding speed up to 7ips(178mm/sec)
    • High data processing speed of various labels including graphic data, vector font etc. (Fast processor 400MHz). Unicode supported

    Smart Media Detection
    • Smart Media Detection is the special function of SLP-TX400 to detect paper type automatically such as Gap Media, Black Mark Media and Short length Media paper. Easy operation by just pushing the Feed button.