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Fiscal Suggestion
3 inch Impact Dot
POS Printer

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    The BIXOLON SRP-270 is a high quality and reliable dot matrix receipt printer (spooler option). The SRP-270 is an ideal printer for point of sale and hospitality applications. The modular user-friendly design, graphics capability, and 4.6 lines per second print speed offer reliable high performance in a compact, lightweight design. With the fast moving technology of today it is important to have simple integration of peripheral devices. The SRP-270 receipt printer is no exception; drivers are available for Windows and OPOS. Other features of the SRP-270 receipt printer include a paper end sensor that automatically alerts the user when the printer is out of paper, a tear-bar or auto-cutter, and the ability to print one original receipt plus two copies.
  • Features
    Match the model to your application with three impact printer models
    ∙ SRP-270A: Tear bar
    ∙ SRP-270C: Auto-cutter
    ∙ SRP-270D: Auto-cutter with spooler

    High operational reliability (1.8 million lines MCBF)

    Reduce waiting time with its fast output printing 40 columns at 4.6 lines per second

    SRP-270D type version automatically spools printed paper into a conveniently storable roll

    Produce flawless pre-printed documents with its black mark sensor

    Space efficient optional vertical and wall mount kits available

    Easy to install ribbon cartridge (Black / Black & Red)

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  • B-melodist

    The BIXOLON Melodist uses audio and visual indications to inform its users in a loud setting, such as a kitchen, of any incoming orders from the counter by playing a melody and blinking LED light.
    * Image: RMB-100

  • Ribbon Cartridge

    Ribbon Cartridge is for the impact printers.
    (RRC-201B: Black, RRC-201B/R: Black & Red, RRC-201P: Purple)

  • Buzzer

    Bixolon printers are fitted with a print alarm buzzer to notify users in a noisy environment.
    * Image: RBC-100